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A girl's death due to air pollution... KBS UHD Special Documentary 'Dust Society'

2020년 7월 31일

According to KBS on the 31st, this documentary deals with the issue of fine dust, which has been an important topic in our society in recent years.

This program in documentary format is divided into a documentary part and a drama part.

In the documentary part, the crew met for the first time in the domestic media, the mother of a British girl, Ella Kissi-Debra, who died at the age of nine due to air pollution.

Elakisi Debra died at the age of 9 from acute asthma and shortness of breath while living near a road famous for traffic jams and severe air pollution.

The production team meets Ella's mother and listens to the message Ella's death sends to society.

In the drama part, the story of a man in his 30s trying to protect his daughter with asthma is drawn.

Cheol-joong, who lives in the fictional city of Hwayang, lives alone with his 6-year-old daughter Mi-jin, who has asthma after losing his wife to lung cancer.

The drama tells the story of people facing a terrible atmospheric catastrophe as the air stagnates for several days in Hwayang City, and moreover, an explosion occurs at a chemical plant.

The production team said, "I want to think together about the problems facing Korea, a fine dust society that has to suffer from high-density fine dust every spring."

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