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KBS documentary on 'Are you living well? alone'

2021년 10월 29일

In 2021, the proportion of single-person households among all households in Korea will be 40.1%. In line with single-person households, which have become more common than any other type of furniture, the number of single-person products is increasing, and the number of spaces to eat and enjoy alone is also increasing.

However, under the legal system, single-person households are not the mainstream. In apartment sales, along with the increase in single-person households, the number of households with pets has also increased, but it is difficult to even go out because there is no place to leave pets. Check out what changes are needed for the increasing number of single-person households.

My Happy Home~ 14㎡ - Half of Japan, 1/3 of UK, Minimum living area for one person in Korea

After graduating from the college of education in her hometown, Han Eun moved to Seoul and started living as a single-person household.

As I was preparing for the entrance exam, I wanted to think more about my career path, so the first place I lived in Seoul was a 7-square-meter Goshiwon. He moved from a one-room apartment to a subscription apartment for single-person households and currently lives in 14 m² (4.5 pyeong). The minimum residential area for one adult in Korea is half that of Japan and one-third of that of the United Kingdom.

Lee Jung-ah, who divorced and became a single-person household. I moved out of the apartment I lived in when I was a family of three and live in a one-room apartment. Still, he spends almost half of his income on housing. Although highly educated women who have graduated from graduate school, women who have cut their careers and have been full-time housewives have fewer jobs and lower salaries. If you are over 40, you are defined as an age, not a young man, and the situation is even worse. As many single-person households are flocking to the underprivileged, support is also needed.

More than 20% of single-person households own pets. We want appropriate care

Choi Min-jung, a law student who dreams of becoming a lawyer specializing in animal rights. I started living with my boyfriend to relieve the burden of raising my dog ​​'Sunny', but the worries are still there. Sunny is very sick and it is difficult to break up with her owner, so it is difficult to go to the library, and when her boyfriend goes to work, the burden increases. The difficult problem that 20% of single-person households choose is that it is difficult to leave a pet. In that sense, the welfare of companion animals is closely related to the welfare of single-person households.

Kim Eun-jung, who lives with five cats, becomes troubled as she approaches old age. I want to entrust the care of the cat to my acquaintances who will be left behind when I die and inherit the deposit as child support, but it is not easy legally. The solidarity of single-person households and companion animals is more than a family, but no system or law guarantees an appropriate share of care.

Designated as the world's first Animal Protection Act, and appointed the world's first Minister of Loneliness. Welfare support for single-person households in the UK

The increase in single-person households is a global phenomenon. Most European countries are ahead of us by 40%, and are responding to the welfare of single-person households by actively supporting animal rights, which is generally represented by 'animals are not objects'.

England, which enacted the world's first animal protection law in the 19th century, operates the Royal Animal Association (RSPCA), which systematically and extensively supports animal welfare. To promote the welfare of single-person households, the world's first Minister of Solitude was also appointed. You can take care of your pets at a reasonable cost by activating various and affordable pet care services.

Create your own family and village. Conditions for 'Happier One-person Household'

Single-person households often form a family or village to escape from poor living conditions and emotional loneliness, but institutional support is insufficient.

In Gwanak-gu, which has the largest number of single-person youth households, Jang Shin-jae created the 'Good Girls' Room,' a space exclusively for female single-person households. Four tenants share the monthly rent, and Shinjae rents a house. Although the satisfaction of all residents is high, it is difficult to guarantee long-term residence. When the landlord told me to leave, I had to move, and in fact, I moved twice in three years.

Jo Jung-hoon is the representative of 'Neighbor's House', a single-person household in Incheon. Dozens of young single-person households have gathered to acquire a few houses by renting or selling. We pay for housing through a joint venture, but only one person's name can be used in the contract. Live without legal approval of the rights of several investors.

Ha Hyun-ji, an old friend of Kang Han-byul, decided to share the cost of living and living expenses. It is more likely to form common property, but it is also difficult to comply with the law.

Laws and systems that cannot keep up with the growth rate of single-person households. Now is the time to change.

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