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KBS UHD Special Documentary [Dust Society - After the Wind Stopped]

2020년 7월 30일

KBS UHD Special Documentary is evaluated as a high-quality documentary in UHD quality. A documentary with beautiful visuals and a keen sense of problem.

Recently, fine dust has emerged as an important topic in our society. Although we are holding our breath for a while due to COVID-19, it is also a problem we will face when the momentum of the global economy normalizes in the not-too-distant future. Because we still live in a dusty society. The production team attempts a new approach to the fine dust problem in the form of a documentary.

[Dust Society - After the Wind Has Stopped] stands for a 'docudrama' that organically combines a documentary densely covering reality and a fictional drama. If you follow the colorful videos that are developed in a hurry, it is expected that the topic of the reality of living in a dusty society will come to mind.

[Documentary] A girl who died of air pollution at the age of 9 meets Ella Kissi-Debra's mother (Rosamond Kissi-Debra) for the first time in Korean media.

Ella, who lived near a road famous for traffic jams and air pollution in England, also died at the age of 9 from acute asthma caused by shortness of breath. Ella's mother (Rosamund Kissy Debra) has been calling for an investigation into Ella's death in London since her death in 2013.

In 2018, prominent British medical scientist Professor Stephen Holgate said, 'Of 27 Ella's visits to the emergency room, 26 times air pollution levels in the area were illegally higher than EU limits, and Ella's death was linked to air pollution in London. ' published a report.

Finally, in 2019, a London court officially ordered an investigation into Ella's death, which is considered a turning point in London's air pollution problem.

For the first time in a Korean press, we will meet Ella's mother in person and hear the message Ella's death sends to society.

[Drama] The story of a man in his 30s trying to protect his asthmatic daughter

Cheol-joong, who lives in the fictional city of Hwayang, lives alone with his 6-year-old daughter, Mi-jin, who has asthma after losing his wife to lung cancer. Not only do I check the level of fine dust every morning, but I also do research on my own to find out who is the culprit.

Then one day, the atmosphere in Hwayang City stagnates for several days, and to make matters worse, an explosion at a chemical plant causes a terrible atmospheric catastrophe.

“The average wind speed in Korea is gradually decreasing. The wind is getting weaker.”

-Professor Rok-Jin Park (Department of Atmospheric Engineering, Seoul National University, Director of Seoul Fine Dust Research Institute)

“Exposure to fine dust on the main road while commuting results in repeated asthma attacks. I think the same thing could happen in Korea as well. Rather, it can be said that Korea has a higher probability of high-concentration fine dust than the UK.”

- Professor Yuncheol Hong, College of Medicine, Seoul National University

“If we change the highway in the elementary school area, won't our children drink all the fine dust? The shortest distance from the school is 70m. "

- Han Won-sang, the maternal grandfather of a Kachiulcho student

Cheol-jung's efforts to protect his daughter Mi-jin, who suffers from asthma, are similar to a fight with his grandfather Han Won-sang, who opposes the highway access road (Dongbucheon IC) built next to the elementary school he lives in.

From drama to reality, from reality to drama again! Can Cheol-jung be able to protect Mi-jin, can Korean society protect children from fine dust?

In the energy structure where the proportion of fossil fuels is still high, Korea in the world, located at the end of the Chinese wind road. The KBS UHD documentary <Dust Society - After the Wind Has Stopped> talks about the problems facing Korea, a fine dust society that suffers from high-density fine dust every spring.

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